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Join us for Hands Across Riverdale, a vigil on Thursday May 31, from 6pm to 7pm and stay to support the residents when construction begins the next morning. The location is 7 Riverdale Ln, Jersey Shore PA 17740. Be a witness, make history.

We demand that Aqua America sit down with the residents and their representation to negotiate in good faith a fair deal that permits the residents to remain living at Riverdale Mobile Home Park with just compensation and the right to return for all residents who have already left in fear.

We demand that representatives from the Obama administration and governors Corbett (PA), O'Malley (MD), and Cuomo (NY) recall Aqua America's water withdrawal permit that they approved in March at the next Susquehanna River Basin Commission meeting in Harrisburg June 7th.

At every level, decision makers have failed the Riverdale Mobile Home Park residents and those responsible must be held accountable. We will send our thoughts and prayers to them so that they may be persuaded to make the right decision regarding justice for us and our neighbors.

Actions You Can Take, in addition to Hands Across Riverdale:

...if you can make a donation to the Hands Across Riverdale Fund, please follow the link above.

...if you are an Aqua America customer, send a note, pay only a portion, or do not pay your next water bill until the residents of Riverdale Mobile Home Park are permitted to stay.

...if you are a resident of New York or Maryland, call your governor ((518) 474-8390 for Gov. Cuomo, (410) 974-5041 for Gov. O'Malley) and demand that the permit for Aqua America in Piatt Township, (Jersey Shore) PA be withdrawn at the June 7th Susquehanna River Basin Commission meeting. If your governor is making appearances, please bring your friends and family to their events and offices to ask them if they plan to recall the permit.

...if you are an Obama supporter or campaign worker, call the campaign headquarters (312) 698-3670, White House (202) 456-1111, and Democratic National Committee (202) 863-8000 and remind them that Pennsylvania is a swing state in the November election and that the Obama administration must recall the Aqua America permit in Piatt Township, (Jersey Shore) PA with his vote on the Susquehanna River Basin Commission, June 7th, at their next meeting in Harrisburg.

...if you are a Drexel University student, faculty, alumni or staff, call 215-895-2000 and ask to be forwarded to the Office of the President John Fry. Tell President Fry that Nicholas DeBenedictis, a Trustee of the university, is the CEO of Aqua America, a company that is evicting the Riverdale Mobile Home Park and should no longer be trusted or honored with the title of trustee.

...if you are a resident of southeast PA, drop off a letter, flowers, prayers, artwork, and thoughts for Nick DeBenedictis, CEO of Aqua America at his mansion at 231 Golfview Rd, Ardmore PA 19003, explain the situation to his neighbors, or do the same at Aqua America's headquarters, 762 West Lancaster Avenue, Bryn Mawr, PA. Beware the number for his mansion is on a pillar shrouded by an evergreen limb that needs pruning to the right of the rear gate pictured below.

Riverdale residents Kevin June, Deb Eck, and her twins Amanda and Chevelle pay a visit to Aqua America CEO, Nick DeBenedictis' mansion to protest the loss of their mobile home community.
...your pension, 401k, college endowment, or other savings invested, could be paying for the displacement of Riverdale Mobile Home Park residents. Check to see if Penn Virginia Corporation is held by your institutions' mutual fund management firms. If the firm is T. Rowe Price, Black Rock, Artisan Partner Holdings, Wellington Management, The Vanguard Group, or Luxor Capital you should notify your finance department that you'd like to drop Penn Virginia's stock over poor business ethics. For information on share holdings and divestment, see this report (PDF):
...if you are on Facebook, join the Facebook event here and/or change your profile picture to the image below to show your support!

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  1. I have posted links to your Facebook page, along with a message about your fight, on Cafemom.com where hopefully thousands of mothers will see it and take action.

  2. What happened at the June 7th Susquehanna River Basin Commission meeting? I looked at http://www.srbc.net/newsroom/NewsRelease.aspx?NewsReleaseID=88 and it seems two more projects for Aqua subsidiaries were approved and one was tabled, but no mention of "Aqua America in Piatt Township, (Jersey Shore) PA" so it seems the permit is still active.



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