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  1. What a waste of our precious resources; Water and the residents of Riverdale PA. I stand with you from MN!

  2. Why should we have to go through this all? What did we do to you?

  3. I support you all Texas! I'm a native from up there, and completely relate to your situation. We have the Barnett shale here and went through the same type of development. Urban development in and around Ft Worth, had the companies paying $19,500 per acre at the peak! Luckily, Texas REGULATED them and e had great oversight here! THEN....the companies all left and went to PA when it started up there, because the companies could do ***as they wanted***! Minimal oversight, low/no taxes. PA is WAY behind in regulating, taxing and oversight!!!!! These companies are destroying my home state before my eyes! They DO NOT CARE!

    Stand tall and fight. Your plight is not only for your homes, but for the greater good of the area! When I get up there this month I will stop by!



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