URGENT: Storage Space & Buyers Needed for Building Materials

Eric and April built up their mobile home for their kids from a skeleton with all new and used materials in good condition. Their's is the final home within the survey staked area for the water pump station and they have received a temporary extension of the $2,500 offer from Aqua America through the weekend so that they can salvage as much of the home as they can.

The materials are for sale and Eric is looking for free indoor or outdoor space in the Williamsport/Jersey Shore area to store the materials if no one buys them. Please call April at 570-772-6788 if you can help:

- 2 toilets
- 2 fiber glass tub & shower units
- 3 sinks
- 1 water heater
- 6 insulated windows
- Sub flooring
- 2 x 4's
- steel sheeting
- carpet rolls
- linoleum
- light fixtures
- 100 Amp Breaker Box

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  1. Materials for construction was very huge. We need to use trucks for shipping. Most of the metals are heavy so it’s not easy for shipping.



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