Riverdale Mobile Home Park Awaits Outcome of Aqua Negotiations - CALL AQUA!

Today, June 5th, Riverdale Mobile Home Park residents resisting displacement for fracking water withdrawal will begin negotiations with Aqua America PVR. Though residents have been told that they were required to move out by June 1 to make way for construction of a water withdrawal facility, they have boldly stood their ground and remained in their homes, along with dozens of volunteers who have set up a makeshift encampment in the Riverdale park to support the community's efforts to prevent construction.

As of Tuesday morning, Riverdale residents have remained in their homes for five days since the planned starting date for construction. During this time neither representatives from Aqua America nor their contractors have broken through residents and their supporters. In fact, the resistance has brought Aqua America to the negotiating table and given residents a position of strength.

We demand that Aqua America
1. Allow all residents to remain in their homes,
2. Compensate those residents who have already left,
3. Honor the right of return for those residents who have already left but wish to return to Riverdale.

We are asking supporters to call Aqua at (610) 527-8000 to demand that the water withdrawal giant honor resident demands.

If you are able to plan a solidarity action in your community this week, please email savermhc@gmail.com. We are especially looking for folks who can plan actions at the PVR shareholder meeting this Wednesday, June 6 in Radnor (near Philadelphia) or at the next meeting of the Susquehanna River Basin Commission (the commission which issued the permit for the water withdrawal site at the Riverdale park) this Thursday, June 7 in Binghamton, NY. Get in touch for details about these upcoming events.

While we do not know what the outcome of these negotiations will be, the Riverdale community's fearless stance has shown the power that we all have in the face of seemingly hopeless odds.

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  1. I wish you luck in your campaign. My friends and I are interested in supporting. I could imagine what would be left of us if we were forced to evacuate our apartments in minneapolis. Let us know how we could help.



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