Defend the Susquehanna River: YOU are needed in Riverdale

For the past seven days, we have been on the front-lines of resistance to the natural gas industry's assault on Pennsylvania communities. While Aqua America PVR had ordered the removal of 32 families of the Riverdale Mobile Home Community to make way for a water withdrawal site, six families have remained in their homes in defiance of Aqua's plans to begin construction of the facility on June 1. Alongside dedicated volunteers who have set up barricades and put their bodies on the line to physically blockade construction, the Riverdale community has now protected the extraction from the Susquehanna River of 3 million gallons per day for a full week!

But the storm isn't over, and we are asking you to join us in Riverdale. Pressure on the Riverdale community has increased -- we need your help immediately if we are to succeed in keeping Aqua out of Riverdale. This morning, the former landlord of the mobile home park arrived onsite and demolished barricades reading "We Will Fight For Our Homes." We have also seen an increase in surveillance from gas industry workers over the last two days. Meanwhile, CNN has caved to pressure from Cabot Oil & Gas and is refusing to air the story of Riverdale. Aqua America expects us to disappear, to wither up. But we have something that the industry never counted on: each other. And now we need your presence to join us.

"As long as you're willing to stand, stay here, and bring more: this isn't over yet. I was here to protect my home. Within a week I realized why the hell would I protect a house with water I can't drink. It's still about the house, but it's more about this land and that water.... We don't want Aqua America taking one drop out of that river. That water is for the people." -- resident of the Riverdale Mobile Home Community

As the residents of Riverdale know: our safety and power is in numbers. Many early volunteers have had to return to their homes, and the survival of Riverdale's resistance movement is now up to you. We need you and your friends, family, and allies to show up in Riverdale as soon as you possibly can. It is only through our collective strength that we will be able to prevent Aqua America from destroying the Riverdale community and extracting and poisoning the Susquehanna River.

Click here for information on how to join us in Riverdale.

If you cannot make it to Riverdale, please help us to spread the word via facebook, twitter, and youtube, and support our ability to sustain the defense of Riverdale by donating to the Riverdale Relief Fund.


  1. You people hang in there and congratulations for having the courage to stand up for yourselves!!!

    My thoughts are with you and good luck!

  2. We see what's happening. We're trying to help right now. Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Love, Mongo.

  3. where is jersey shore, PA?



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