Volunteer Guidelines

All folks planning on coming out May 31st.. please take the time to read through the volunteer guide lines set forth by the Riverdale Community:

-Behave as though your mother is watching!!

-We are here as guests, invited to come in solidarity. We must check our own personal agendas at the gate. 

-We are here to amplify and strengthen this community’s voice.

-It is asked that we conduct ourselves in a respectful manner.

-This is a residential area with children and pets running around and playing outside. Please drive cautiously and act responsibly to protect their safety.

-Quiet time begins at 10 PM

-Drugs and alcohol consumption are frowned upon.

-Volunteers will work to keep the space clean and presentable.

-As volunteers coming here as outsiders with diverse values and norms, it is asked
that we remember that this community also has diverse values and norms, and that
volunteers must respect them.

-Volunteers will be here as long as the community wants us to be here.

-We have been asked to show respect to the contractors.

-Volunteers need to intentionally work to create a safe space through constructively confronting and stopping oppressive behavior, language, and any form of
discrimination to anyone.

-This is an emotional and epic situation, we must remain calm and flexible.

-If there are personal conflicts it is advised to seek out an identified mediator.

- Any Riverdale Volunteer who cannot abide by these guidelines will be asked to leave.


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